Invest in an industry that is more important than ever and a movement towards healthier homes.

We are modernizing the cleaning industry. Proving work-life balance is possible.
And building a community of inspiring, flourishing business owners.

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Timeless Concept. Modern Spin.

Imagine being your own boss, rocking the work-from-home lifestyle, and taking back control of your time. Not to mention taking your career to the next level without having to compromise. We empower franchise partners with the opportunity to enjoy a work-life balance while building something of their own in an industry that is snowballing. Our modern home cleaning model unites innovation-driven methods with sustainability-centered practices to co-create businesses with purpose and flexibility.

The home cleaning franchise concept has been around for years, but we're putting a modern spin on it!

Cleaning Experience, Not a Prerequisite.

With a dead set mentality that you could run a successful business and live your life, our Founders have never compromised nor had cleaning experience. We attract Franchise Partners who come from diverse backgrounds. However, a common thread is a drive to succeed, an entrepreneurial spirit, positive leadership energy, and high regard for good customer service. Mint Maids is saturated in our Founders' values that they prioritized right from the start in 2016.
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Industry-Leading Technology Integration.

We've leveraged innovative technology, including quick online booking for clients and real-time online scheduling for your cleaning technicians, making everyone happy—easy booking for clients, seamless schedule availability for employees, and efficient operations for Owners. We created our tailor-made tech stack around having run our own territories for five years. We are miles ahead of the largest home cleaning brands.

Meets the Needs of the Modern Home-Owner and Operator.

We like to do things differently, and we have since conception. Our online booking system was built to accommodate our cleaning clients' busy modern life and Owner/Operators. There's no need for clients to wait for a quote, have an in-home consultation, or try and rebook service over the phone. It's all done via our website booking system in 60 seconds or less. Including auto-emailed visit reminders and auto-SMS visit alerts notifying clients, the technicians are on the way. We let our Mint Maids booking system cruise auto-pilot and take care of the tedious work;)
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Encouraging Balance, Flexibility, and Old School Hours.

Our Founder ran three territories from her laptop in her kitchen while balancing life with two kindergarteners. Never a weekend and never an evening. It can be done. It's how it should be done. Our model encourages the home-office life or on-the-go with a laptop in hand. Thanks to our online scheduling system, field technicians communicate and run their day from their smartphone, clocking in and out without a need to visit a brick-and-mortar office.

Sustainable Purpose in a Proven Industry.

Making homes healthy feels good. Integrating sustainable practices and system feels really good. And, it's healthier for everyone, especially our planet. Not only are we exclusively using plant-based cleaning products and HEPA filter vacuums, but Franchise Partners are encouraged to operate paperlessly. Everything is in place to make it a seamless reality for Operators.

There's a reason why Canada and the United States' top franchise systems are from the cleaning and janitorial category. Cleaning is a necessity, and it is also one of the most recession-proof industries out there!
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Recurring Revenue is Golden.

It's true. 85% of our clients are recurring. Meaning we are servicing the same awesome client weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. This is why customer service and a quality cleaning recipe are so significant with us - Franchise Partners treat their clients like gold, and they regularly welcome Mint Maids back into their homes.

A Support Studio Paired with Work-Life Coaching

Our Mint Maids Support Studio exudes our brand culture and is dedicated to the essentials during the 'Launch Phase' of new Franchise Partners. Owners will execute Pre-Opening, Opening Week, and Post-Opening agendas custom-crafted by our Support Studio teams. Franchisees also work with a dedicated work-life business coach for the first year in business - creating both revenue goals and life vision goals. The entire package is just right.
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Q: What is the franchise fee?
A: The franchise fee for a single Mint Maids territory is $20,000.

Q: What does it cost to open a Mint Maids?
A: The minimum investment to open a Mint Maids franchise is estimated at under $40,000. The amount you invest depends on several factors including if you settle on more than one territory. More details are available in our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

Q: What is the royalty fee?
A: A royalty fee is an ongoing fee that the franchisee pays to the franchisor. This fee is paid monthly and is typically calculated as a percentage of gross sales. The ongoing royalty payments are how the franchisor makes its money, which it uses to support its franchisees and further build the business.

Generally, all the franchisor's support through its industry advisers, marketing plans, business strategies, etc., are funded through the royalty payments provided by the franchisees. Additionally, all the franchisor's headquarters and staff's administrative costs are funded from the royalty payments. Lastly, the franchisor's efforts to further expand and develop the brand through recruiting and bringing in new franchisees to the system are funded by royalties.

Q: How much is the ongoing royalty fee?
A: Our royalty fee: 4%-7% (as your monthly sales increase, the royalty rate decreases)

Q: Will I get my own territory?
A: Yes. Territories are approximately 200,000 people. There is only one Owner per territory. We encourage Franchise Partners to take on more than one territory if they wish and if it's available.

Q: Do you lend money to franchisees?
A: Not at this time. We have tried our best to offer a lower than average franchise fee (purchase price) to make financing options a little more do-able for those interested.

Q: Do you require owners to operate their territory?
A: Owners may decide to hire an Operations Manager/Manager/Office Manager to handle their territory's daily operation. If this is the case, the only thing we ask is that both the Owner and the Manager complete the Mint Maids Online Training Courses.

Q: How do I decide which territory will work best for me?
A: Of course, everyone hopes that the territory that they live in is available. But that's not always the case. We do require that you live in your territory or, at most, on the cusp of it. So looking to see if there is a territory for you is something we can do together.

Q: Shouldn't I have some experience in the cleaning industry?
A: Like we always say, "We care more about WHO you are than WHAT you are (not what your resume says)." Cleaning experience is not necessary, but shared values are. Our Founder had zero cleaning experience when she began this venture. What she did have, was a whole lotta determination, dreams, and team spirit.

Q: How long does the Franchisee Agreement last?
A: Our franchise term is ten years. At the end of which, you have renewal options.

Q: Do I have to purchase cleaning products through the company or use a specific kind?
A: Our Franchise Partners use Mint Maids approved brands and equipment. Of course, exclusively plant-based and eco-friendly. We direct our partners where to purchase their supplies and equipment—no need to purchase through us.

Q: Am I solely responsible for my employees?
A: Your team is yours to create. Our rockin' Support Studio, alongside your personal business coach (you get to work with a work-life business coach for your first year), will guide you through your first round of recruiting as a newbie. Our Support Studio is always available for questions and guidance.

Q: Do I have to maintain a certain level of income?
A: We have provided very achievable targets for our Franchise Partners. They are based on real-life examples of what is realistic within the first six months, year, and beyond.

Q: Does head office help out with getting me off the ground?
A: We call the 'Launch' of new Franchise Partners an incredible adventure, and our Support Studio has a whole plan laid out just for this. Our team will help determine how to open your doors successfully with weekly calls leading up to the opening day. From there, between the Support Studio and your work-life business coach, it's a team effort.

Q: Who is in charge of marketing? Head office or me?
A: Our beautiful brand is managed and advertised by Mint Maids HQ. Franchise partners pay a small percentage of 3% that goes directly towards this. However, Partners are encouraged to take their local marketing to the next level by creating their own social media profiles, networking, and using professionally designed marketing materials made available to them by the Mint Maids marketing department.
Canada-wide Territories Available Now.
Territories in our backyard:

Burlington - SOLD
Waterdown - SOLD
Oakville (includes warm lead list)
Richmond Hill
Hamilton (East+West Mountain) - SOLD
Ancaster - SOLD
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